Skin Purifier Pore Clarifying Lotion


This product can eliminate the skin dryness and tightness, so that the dirt irritation on kin is swept away. This product can promote high-quality water circulation among skin cells, maintain water balance, conditioning the skin to be softer and smoother

Specialization & Feature

  • Restores the protective barrier function of the skin
  • Ideal moisturizing lotion for aging skin, dry skin and sensitive skin
  • SK-influx® is a skin-identical lipid concentrate for enhanced skin moisturization and protection.
  • Guard your skin from anything that could influence its natural beauty
  • Precious pearl extract that rich in minerals and amino-acids, will penetrate deeply into the skin and repair it from inside.
  • Gives you a relaxing and refreshing experience . Feel the healthy, soft and delicate skin like


  • SK-influx®
  • Pearl Extract
  • Vitamin B3
  • Licorice Extract
  • Chamomile Extract
  • Vitamin B5


  • Use the deep hydrating facial lotion every morning and evening.
  • Apply an appropriate amount of the face lotion on a cotton pad and apply it smoothly to your face.
  • In several minutes the lotion will be absorbed completely.