Ultra Correction Anti-age Eye and Lip Cream


This product contains luxurious multi-peptides and firming components, so that the eye and lips can enjoy high-performance top skin care. This product can activate the eye and lip skin area, intensively repair aging, looseness, dull and fine lines, allow your eyes regain young, bright, vivid and moving.

Specialization & Feature

  • Keep your age a secret.
  • Replenish essential skin nutrients, especially for the eye area, that will revitalize your skin.
  • Complex amino acid will help to hydrate the eye and lip skin and Eyeliss™ technology will ease eye and lip wrinkles and make eye and lip skin firmer and younger.
  • Moisturizing, anti-aging and firming eye and lip skin cream
  • Cream type texture that gives a soft and smooth touch.
  • Effectively improving elasticity around eye area.
  • Effectively reduce skin problems around eye area.


  • Stearic Acid
  • Eyeliss™
  • Gentian Extract
  • Pentapeptide
  • Hexapeptide
  • Tetrapeptide


  • Apply a small quantity around the contours of the eye and lips and follow by a gentle massage for 2-3 minutes until cream is completely absorbed