Ultra Correction Anti-age Firming Anti-age Cream


This product has functions of moisturizing, removing wrinkles and whitening that can improve aging issues such as looseness, roughness, dull and fine lines. By the active ingredients penetrating, repairing and sealing the skin, the three steps let skin bid farewell to the signs of aging and come back to your and delicate.

Specialization & Feature

  • From the most precious natural essence, will solve 5 main skin problems.
  • Slow down skin aging process and give skin all the nutrients it need to make it look fresh and young.
  • Delicate and non-oily texture make you fill fulfilled. Revitalize skin reduce wrinkles and other aging symptoms.
  • Make your skin firmer and brighter, composed of Arbutin and Vitamin C that ease dark area for a complete white and beauty skin, enriched with Vitamen E and Coenzyme Q10 that will hydrate your skin, delay aging effect and increase vitality of skin.
  • Anti-aging effects
  • Reduce wrinkles and delay aging
  • Skin whitening and brightening
  • Improve elasticity, reduce wrinkles, and revitalize the skin


  • Glycerin
  • a-Arbutin
  • Chamomile extract
  • Pearl extract
  • Soy bean extract


  • Apply an appropriate amount on the face and neck after cleansing
  • Using gentle massaging strokes for complete absorption