The Water for Life foundation was set up in 2004 to involve customers of Vitens and Evides Water Company in the international activities of these water companies. Water for Life is only active in countries and areas where Vitens Evides International is working.

The voluntary contributions of customers are used for improving drinking water to the ur-ban poor in developing countries. Donations are used, for example, to purchase pipes, water meters and public standpipes. Water for Life is an autonomous foundation with an independent board.

Water for Life is active in countries and areas where Vitens Evides International (VEI) is working. Staff of the local drinking water company together with people from VEI supervise the Water for Life projects and ensure the donated money is spent correctly and where it is most needed. Because these people already are in the project countries for VEI, Water for Life has no extra costs.

Water for Life is committed to clean water and sanitation in countries where that no statements of the obvious. And that is desperately needed: about 663 million people around the world have no access to clean drinking water and 2.4 billion people cannot use proper sanitation.

ProSKin Cosmetics is partner for Water for Life and undertakes social responsibilty, does something to improve the world and provides added value for the organization.  ProSKin Cosmetics donates a percentage of each product sold to the projects for Water for Life.

By buying ProSkin Products you get in the first place, an excellent product but you also support the great work from Water for life.